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Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Revisions to Registration Requirements

Final rule.
RSPA (we) is amending its regulations concerning registration of persons who transport or offer for transportation in commerce certain categories and quantities of hazardous materials. We are adopting the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) to determine whether an entity is a small business, consistent with actions taken by the Small Business Administration (SBA). We are also revising the requirements to permit registration over the internet and to authorize the use of additional credit cards to pay the registration fee. Other proposals in our December 7, 2000, notice of proposed rulemaking, to temporarily reduce registration fees and charge not-for- profit organizations the same registration fee as a small business, will be addressed in a separate final rule after enactment of the Department of Transportation appropriations for Fiscal Year 2003, as we announced in our March 14, 2002, notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register.
67 FR 58343