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Hazardous Materials: Requirements for Maintenance, Requalification, Repair and Use of DOT Specification Cylinders; Extension of Compliance Dates and Corrections

Final rule; extension of compliance dates and corrections.
This document extends the compliance dates and makes minor corrections for certain requirements adopted in a final rule published under Docket No. RSPA-01-10373 (HM-220D) on August 8, 2002 (67 FR 51626), which amended requirements applicable to the maintenance, requalification, repair, and use of DOT specification cylinders. RSPA is taking action in response to appeals stating that the October 1, 2002 effective date is unreasonable. This action provides additional time, until May 30, 2003, for RSPA to fully evaluate and determine the merits of issues raised by appellants concerning these requirements and their requests for clarification of certain other requirements. These appeals will be fully addressed in a later document. Because these amendments do not impose new requirements, notice and public comment are unnecessary.
67 FR 61287


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