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Hazardous Materials: Requirements for Maintenance, Requalification, Repair and Use of DOT Specification Cylinders; Response to Appeals and Extension of Compliance Dates

Final rule; response to appeals.
On August 8, 2002, RSPA published a final rule under Docket No. RSPA-01-10373 (HM-220D) amending the requirements of the Hazardous Materials Regulations applicable to the maintenance, requalification, repair, and use of DOT specification cylinders. The revisions simplified the regulations, responded to petitions for rulemaking, addressed recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Board, and enhanced the safe transportation of hazardous materials in cylinders. In response to appeals submitted by persons affected by the August 8, 2002 final rule, this final rule amends certain requirements, extends certain compliance dates, and makes minor editorial corrections.
68 FR 24653