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Hazardous Materials Regulations: Penalty Guidelines and Other Procedural Regulations

Final rule.
In this final rule, we (RSPA) are increasing to $32,500 and $275, respectively, the maximum and minimum civil penalties for a knowing violation of Federal hazardous materials transportation law or a regulation issued under that law. We are publishing revised baseline assessments for frequently cited violations to provide the regulated community and the general public with more current information on RSPA's hazardous material penalty assessment process. The revisions to RSPA's baseline penalty assessments consider the increase in the maximum civil penalty to $32,500. We are also advising the public that, in proposing or assessing a civil penalty, we will not normally consider a prior violation in a case that was initiated in a calendar year more than six years prior to the year in which the current proceeding is initiated. In addition, we are updating the address to which civil penalty payments must be sent, and we are making editorial changes to our procedural regulations for issuing an administrative determination of preemption.
68 FR 52844