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Pipeline Safety: Pipeline Integrity Management in High Consequence Areas (Gas Transmission Pipelines)

Final rule.
This final rule requires operators to develop integrity management programs for gas transmission pipelines located where a leak or rupture could do the most harm, i.e., could impact high consequence areas (HCAs). The rule requires gas transmission pipeline operators to perform ongoing assessments of pipeline integrity, to improve data collection, integration, and analysis, to repair and remediate the pipeline as necessary, and to implement preventive and mitigative actions. RSPA/OPS has also modified the definition of HCAs in response to a petition for reconsideration from industry associations. This final rule comprehensively addresses statutory mandates, safety recommendations, and conclusions from accident analyses, all of which indicate that coordinated risk control measures are needed to improve pipeline safety.
68 FR 69778


Docket No. RSPA-00-7666

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