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Integrity Management: Program Modifications and Clarifications-Request for Comments

Notice of proposed rulemaking.
PHMSA proposes revisions to the current Pipeline Safety Regulations for Pipeline Integrity Management in High Consequence Areas. The revisions address a petition from the hazardous liquid pipeline industry. The revisions are to: allow more flexibility in reassessment intervals for hazardous liquid pipelines by adding an eight-month window to the five-year time frame for operators to complete reassessment; and require both hazardous liquid pipeline and gas transmission pipeline operators to notify PHMSA whenever they reduce pipeline pressure to make a repair and to provide reasons for pressure reduction. Another notification, including reasons for repair delay, would be required when a pressure reduction exceeds 365 days. Also, PHMSA proposes to correct existing provisions for calculating a pressure reduction when making an immediate repair on a hazardous liquid pipeline. The proposed correction would allow operators to use another acceptable method to calculate reduced operating pressure when a specified formula is not applicable or results in a calculated pressure higher than operating pressure. Finally, PHMSA seeks the submittal of engineering analyses and technical data. These submittals are to provide the basis for modifying the required time periods for remediating certain conditions found during a hazardous liquid pipeline integrity assessment. PHMSA will use this data to evaluate the scope and scale of repair issues to develop an accurate basis for determining if any additional flexibility is needed in the repair schedules.
70 FR 74265


Closed on 02/13/2006
Docket No. PHMSA-04-18938
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