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Hazardous Materials; Miscellaneous Amendments

Notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM).
PHMSA proposes to make miscellaneous amendments to the Hazardous Materials Regulations based on petitions for rulemaking and PHMSA initiatives. These proposed amendments are intended to update, clarify or provide relief from certain regulatory requirements. Among other provisions, PHMSA is proposing a new proper shipping name and UN identification number for fuel mixtures composed of ethanol and gasoline to help emergency response personnel respond appropriately to incidents involving such fuel mixtures. In addition, PHMSA proposes to update certain incorporations by reference, revise and clarify certain hazard communication requirements, and clarify transportation requirements applicable to dry ice, detonator assemblies and explosives. PHMSA also proposes to provide expanded exceptions from regulation for household hazardous wastes and small amounts of materials used in pharmaceutical research.
71 FR 55757


Closed on 11/24/2006
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