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Hazardous Material; Miscellaneous Packaging Amendments

Final rule.
In this final rule, PHMSA is amending packaging requirements in the Hazardous Materials Regulations to enhance compliance flexibility, improve clarity, and reduce regulatory burdens. Specifically, we are revising several packaging related definitions; adding provisions to allow more flexibility when preparing and transmitting closure instructions, including conditions under which closure instructions may be transmitted electronically; adding a requirement for shippers to retain packaging closure instructions; incorporating new language that will allow for a practicable means of stenciling the ``UN'' symbol on packagings; and clarifying a requirement to document the methodology used when determining whether a change in packaging configuration requires retesting as a new design or may be considered a variation of a previously tested design. This final rule also incorporates requirements for construction, maintenance, and use of Large Packagings.
75 FR 5376


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