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Pipeline Safety: Safety of Gas Transmission Pipelines

Advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM).
PHMSA is considering whether changes are needed to the regulations governing the safety of gas transmission pipelines. In particular, PHMSA is considering whether integrity management (IM) requirements should be changed, including adding more prescriptive language in some areas, and whether other issues related to system integrity should be addressed by strengthening or expanding non-IM requirements. Among the specific issues PHMSA is considering concerning IM requirements is whether the definition of a high-consequence area (HCA) should be revised, and whether additional restrictions should be placed on the use of specific pipeline assessment methods. With respect to non-IM requirements, PHMSA is considering whether revised requirements are needed on new construction or existing pipelines concerning mainline valves, including valve spacing and installation of remotely operated or automatically operated valves; whether requirements for corrosion control of steel pipelines should be strengthened; and whether new regulations are needed to govern the safety of gathering lines and underground gas storage facilities. Additional issues PHMSA is considering are addressed in the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION Section under background.
76 FR 53086


Closed on 12/02/2011