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Pipeline Safety: Miscellaneous Changes to Pipeline Safety Regulations

Notice of proposed rulemaking.
PHMSA is proposing to make miscellaneous changes to the pipeline safety regulations. The proposed changes would correct errors, address inconsistencies, and respond to rulemaking petitions. The requirements in several subject matter areas would be affected, including the performance of post-construction inspections; leak surveys of Type B onshore gas gathering lines; the requirements for qualifying plastic pipe joiners; the regulation of ethanol; the transportation of pipe; the filing of offshore pipeline condition reports; the calculation of pressure reductions for hazardous liquid pipeline anomalies; and the odorization of gas transmission lateral lines. The proposed changes are addressed on an individual basis and, where appropriate, would be made applicable to the safety standards for both gas and hazardous liquid pipelines. Editorial changes are also included.
76 FR 73570


Closed on 02/03/2012
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