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Hazardous Materials: Enhanced Enforcement Procedures-Resumption of Transportation

Notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM).
PHMSA is proposing to address certain matters identified in the Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Act of 2012 related to the Department's enhanced inspection, investigation, and enforcement authority. Specifically, we are proposing to amend the opening of packages provision to include requirements for perishable hazardous material; add a new notification section; and add a new equipment section to the Department's procedural regulations. For the mandates to address certain matters related to the Department's enhanced inspection, investigation, and enforcement authority, we are proposing no additional regulatory changes. We believe that the Department's current rules that were previously established through notice and comment rulemaking and existing policies and operating procedures thoroughly address the hazmat transportation matters identified by Congress. These inspection and enforcement procedures will not change the current inspection procedures for DOT, but will augment DOT's existing enforcement procedures and allow the Department to respond immediately and effectively to conditions or practices that pose serious threats to life, property, or the environment. As this rule affects only agency enforcement procedures, it therefore results in no additional burden of compliance costs to industry.
78 FR 30258


Closed on 07/22/2013

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