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Hazardous Materials: Reverse Logistics (RRR)

Notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM).
PHMSA is proposing to revise the Hazardous Materials Regulations applicable to return shipments of certain hazardous materials by motor vehicle. PHMSA proposes a definition for ``reverse logistics'' for hazardous materials that are intended to be returned to or between a vendor, distributor, manufacturer, or other person for the purpose of returning for credit, recalling product, replacement, or similar reason (for instance, from a retail or wholesale outlet). PHSMA proposes to establish a new section in the regulations to provide an exception for materials that are transported in a manner that meets the definition of ``reverse logistics.'' In this exception, PHMSA proposes to clearly identify the hazardous materials authorized, packaging, hazard communication, and training requirements applicable to reverse logistics shipments. In addition to providing a new reverse logistics exception, this rulemaking also proposes to expand an existing exception for reverse logistics shipments of used automobile batteries that are being shipped from a retail facility to a recycling center.
79 FR 46748