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Hazardous Materials: Enhanced Safety Provisions for Lithium Batteries Transported by Aircraft (FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018)

Final rule.
This final rule revises the Hazardous Materials Regulations for lithium cells and batteries transported by aircraft and is consistent with the previously published Interim Final Rule, which responded to congressional mandates; prohibited the transport of lithium ion cells and batteries as cargo on passenger aircraft; required lithium ion cells and batteries to be shipped at not more than a 30 percent state of charge aboard cargo-only aircraft when not packed with or contained in equipment; and limited the use of alternative provisions for smaller lithium cell or battery shipments to one package per consignment. In response to comments, this final rule provides editorial amendments and modification of certain provisions including marking requirements, requests for an extension on the compliance date, and exception for lithium cells or batteries used for medical devices with approval by the Associate Administrator.
87 FR 77995


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