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Pipeline Safety: Polyamide-11 (PA-11) Plastic Pipe Design Pressures

Notice of proposed rulemaking.
PHMSA proposes to revise the Federal pipeline safety regulations to allow certain thermoplastic pipelines made from new Polyamide-11 (PA-11) pipe to be designed using a higher design factor and to raise the design pressure limit for the same pipelines. Design pressure calculations and design pressure limitations for all other thermoplastic pipes (PE-polyethylene, PB-polybutylene, PVC-polyvinyl chloride, etc.) would remain unchanged. These rule changes would allow pipeline operators to operate certain pipelines constructed of new PA- 11 pipe at higher operating pressures than currently allowed by the existing rules. This would allow pipeline operators to take advantage of the strength characteristics of PA-11 pipe.
73 FR 1307


Closed on 02/07/2008