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Section Subject
105.40 Designated agents for non-residents
106.95 Requesting a change to the regulations
106.100 Required information for a petition for rulemaking
106.105 PHMSA response to a petition for rulemaking
106.130 PHMSA response to an appeal
107.1 Definitions
107.105 Application for special permit
107.107 Application for party status
107.109 Application for renewal
107.201 Purpose and scope
107.202 Standards for determining preemption
107.203 Application
107.205 Notice
107.211 Petition for reconsideration
107.305 Investigations
107.307 General
107.333 Criminal penalties generally
107.401 Purpose and scope
107.402 Application for designation as a certification agency
107.501 Scope
107.502 General registration requirements
107.504 Period of registration, updates, and record retention
107.601 Applicability
107.606 Exceptions
107.608 General registration requirements
107.705 Registrations, reports, and applications for approval
107.709 Processing of an application for approval, including an application for renewal or modification
107.713 Approval modification, suspension or termination
107.801 Purpose and scope
107.805 Approval of cylinder and pressure receptacle requalifiers
130.5 Definitions
171.1 Applicability of Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) to persons and functions
171.2 General requirements
171.3 Hazardous waste
171.4 Marine pollutants
171.6 Control numbers under the Paperwork Reduction Act
171.7 Reference material
171.8 Definitions and abbreviations
171.9 Rules of construction
171.10 Units of measure
171.12 North American Shipments
171.15 Immediate notice of certain hazardous materials incidents
171.16 Detailed hazardous materials incident reports
171.22 Authorization and conditions for the use of international standards and regulations
171.23 Requirements for specific materials and packagings transported under the ICAO Technical Instructions, IMDG Code, Transport Canada TDG Regulations, or the IAEA Regulations
171.24 Additional requirements for the use of the ICAO Technical Instructions
171.25 Additional requirements for the use of the IMDG Code
171.26 Additional requirements for the use of the IAEA Regulations
172.3 Applicability
172.101 Purpose and use of hazardous materials table