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Section Subject
179.15 Pressure relief devices
179.16 Tank-head puncture-resistance systems
179.18 Thermal protection systems
179.22 Marking
179.24 Stamping
179.100-4 Insulation
179.100-13 Venting, loading and unloading valves, measuring and sampling devices
179.200 General specifications applicable to non-pressure tank car tanks (Class DOT-111, DOT-117
179.200-4 Insulation
179.200-7 Materials
179.200-16 Gauging devices, top loading and unloading devices, venting and air inlet devices
179.200-17 Bottom outlets
179.201-1 Individual specification requirements
179.202-1 Applicability
179.202-11 Individual specification requirements
179.202-12 Performance standard requirements (DOT-117P)
179.202-13 Retrofit standard requirements (DOT-117R)
180.1 Purpose and scope
180.3 General requirements
180.203 Definitions
180.205 General requirements for requalification of specification cylinders
180.207 Requirements for requalification of UN pressure receptacles
180.209 Requirements for requalification of specification cylinders
180.211 Repair, rebuilding and reheat treatment of DOT-4 series specification cylinders
180.212 Repair of seamless DOT 3-series specification cylinders and seamless UN pressure receptacles
180.213 Requalification markings
180.215 Reporting and record retention requirements
180.350 Applicability and definitions
180.352 Requirements for retest and inspection of IBCs
180.401 Applicability
180.403 Definitions
180.405 Qualification of cargo tanks
180.407 Requirements for test and inspection of specification cargo tanks
180.409 Minimum qualifications for inspectors and testers
180.411 Acceptable results of tests and inspections
180.413 Repair, modification, stretching, rebarrelling, or mounting of specification cargo tanks
180.415 Test and inspection markings
180.416 Discharge system inspection and maintenance program for cargo tanks transporting liquefied compressed gases
180.417 Reporting and record retention requirements
180.503 Definitions
180.509 Requirements for inspection and test of specification tank cars
180.511 Acceptable results of inspections and tests
180.513 Repairs, alterations, conversions, and modifications
180.519 Periodic retest and inspection of tank cars other than single-unit tank car tanks
180.605 Requirements for periodic testing, inspection and repair of portable tanks