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  • § 171.1
    Applicability of Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) to persons and functions
  • § 171.2
    General requirements
  • § 171.3
    Hazardous waste
  • § 171.4
    Marine pollutants
  • § 171.6
    Control numbers under the Paperwork Reduction Act
  • § 171.7
    Reference material
  • § 171.8
    Definitions and abbreviations
  • § 171.9
    Rules of construction
  • § 171.10
    Units of measure
  • § 171.12
    North American Shipments
  • § 171.15
    Immediate notice of certain hazardous materials incidents
  • § 171.16
    Detailed hazardous materials incident reports
  • § 171.22
    Authorization and conditions for the use of international standards and regulations
  • § 171.23
    Requirements for specific materials and packagings transported under the ICAO Technical Instructions, IMDG Code, Transport Canada TDG Regulations, or the IAEA Regulations
  • § 171.24
    Additional requirements for the use of the ICAO Technical Instructions
  • § 171.25
    Additional requirements for the use of the IMDG Code
  • § 171.26
    Additional requirements for the use of the IAEA Regulations


Section § 171.9: Rules of construction

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