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  • § 191.1
  • § 191.3
  • § 191.5
    Immediate notice of certain incidents
  • § 191.7
    Report submission requirements
  • § 191.9
    Distribution system: Incident report
  • § 191.11
    Distribution system: Annual report
  • § 191.13
    Distribution systems reporting transmission pipelines; transmission or gathering systems reporting distribution pipelines


Section § 191.3: Definitions

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Ref ID Date Company Name Individual Name Response Document
PI-10-0026 06-14-2011 New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission Mr. Jason Montoya, PE View
PI-09-0004 07-02-2009 Enstar Natural Gas Company Mr. David W. Bredin View
PI-96-002 02-13-1996 Virginia State Corporation Commission Massoud Tahamtani View